Better than umbrellas

Aristocrat Retractable Canopies and Pergola canopies are a unique shade product custom designed for your patio, your garden, or by the pool. Canopies can be free standing or attached to a house wall. Manual or motorized draped fabric slides across an aluminum frame or under pergola rafters.

All Aristocrat retractable canopies, exclusively manufactured with quality materials from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company, are built to your specifications. Our canopy design ensures that you get sun when you want it, and shade when you need it. They can provide rain protection, too! Remember, not all canopy products are created equal.
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Ideal for restaurants, outdoor patio seating, employee break areas…

Our most versatile sun protection – retractable canopies create outdoor seating areas that provide comfortable shade for your customers! Open or close as needed, manual or motorized options available.

Canopies can be fitted with solar shade curtains on any or all sides for added light control and privacy. Installed freestanding, mounted to a wall or beneath a pergola – these unique structures are custom sized to fit your space and can be joined to fit large areas. A great alternative to traditional awnings.


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