Tough & Durable AZEK Decking!

How many times have you walked onto your deck thinking the same old thing – what can I do to keep the deck looking fresh without power washing and re-coating it every year? Your deck or porch is a haven, a place to sit and refresh or recharge yourself for whatever is on the agenda for your day. It is an extension of your home, an outside room if you will. We furnish it with exterior furniture that can withstand the rain and elements and place lovely things like potted flowers and hanging baskets. It’s an investment that we want to be sturdy and in place for years to come. Why then, do we skimp on basics and learn to live with less than what we want? Everyone deserves a place to relax and enjoy a rest and your deck should consistently provide that for you.

AZEK Deck Boards can provide that oomph you are looking for. They are a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly way to pack a punch in a small space like a deck or porch.
There has been a rally to turn away from wood or composite boards, and these have been created in response to that outcry. They are tough and durable. As follows is an excerpt taken from the AZEK website: “AZEK Deck Boards have been engineered to withstand the everyday things that happen on a deck. Even spilled wine, fruit punch, and hamburger grease are no match for AZEK Deck’s stain resistance. And, since AZEK Decks are scratch resistant, you won’t have to worry about marks from patio furniture or pets.” AZEK offers you a lifetime warranty. An added bonus is that it is mold resistant, scratch resistant, and best of all stain resistant. It is light weight, plus insect and termite resistant and also contains no harsh chemicals. For the environmentally-conscious we can be assured that no trees were harmed while creating these products. That’s something you can rest easy knowing.
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Mt Hope Fence aims to know what you want. One of our mottos is “We have the inside on the outside” and we take this very seriously. Our offerings to you, our customers, must fit in with the quality and excellence in product you demand as a consumer. We want to know when you step onto your deck and walk on AZEK products that you’re walking on the best.